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Defending Clients Charged With Embezzlement in New York 

If you or someone you know is being investigated or charged with embezzlement, seeking the advice and representation of an experienced Rochester embezzlement lawyer is critical. At Nobles & Decarolis, we understand the complexities of embezzlement cases and are dedicated to defending the rights and interests of our clients. We will work tirelessly to investigate the allegations against you, build a strong defense strategy, and fight for the best possible outcome.

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What Is Embezzlement? 

Embezzlement is the fraudulent appropriation of property by a person entrusted to it. In other words, embezzlement is stealing by someone with authority to make property decisions.

The two most common types of embezzlement are:

  • Corporate or business embezzlement
  • Individual or employee embezzlement

Embezzlement is a serious crime and can carry severe penalties. If you have been charged with embezzlement, you need an attorney who understands the law and can help protect your rights and future.

What are the Penalties for Embezzlement in New York?

Under New York Penal Law ยง 155.40, embezzlement is a class E felony, punishable by up to four years in prison. The penalties for embezzlement are based on the amount stolen, with a minimum of one year in prison for amounts under $1,000 and a maximum of 25 years for amounts above $1 million.

You may face serious time behind bars if you have been charged with embezzlement. You need an attorney who knows the law and can help you avoid serious penalties.

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At Nobles & DeCarolis, our Rochester embezzlement attorneys have a history of successfully defending clients against embezzlement charges. We understand the law and can help you understand your rights and the legal process. We can help you protect your freedom and your future.

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